FAQ & Forms


What days and times are marriage ceremonies performed?

Marriage ceremonies are performed in the court Fridays at 11:30 AM and Tuesdays at 1:30 PM.

How do you obtain a marriage license?

You may get your marriage license at the Probate Court on Justice Drive in Lebanon, Ohio.

What fees are involved in a marriage ceremony?

There are no fees for the judge peforming a marriage ceremony, but you need to schedule a date before court on Tuesday or Friday.

What should we bring to the ceremony?

You will need to bring your marriage license with you.

Who do we contact to schedule a marriage ceremony?

You need to contact the court at 937-746-2858 to schedule a date and leave your phone number.


What type of misdemeanors require a court appearance?

The judge requires that individuals appear in court with cases involving the following:
  • 21 miles over the speed limit in a school zone
  • Passing a school bus
  • Any accident
  • Appearance on speed required only if it a 3rd or more offense within 1 year
  • All criminal offenses

What is the dress code and conduct for court?

  • No one permitted in Court room that is intoxicated
  • All persons are required to wear a shirt and shoes
  • No tank tops, halter tops or muscle shirts
  • No overly short dresses or shorts
  • Do not bring food or drink into the courtroom
  • Turn off cell phones and/or pagers
  • Remove your hats
  • Remove your gum
  • Keep your feet off the furniture, rails, and benches
  • Do not bring any electronic recording devices or cameras except those allowed by the court


What is required when paying a ticket?

When paying a ticket the court requires you to show proof of insurance if you failed to show it to the officer at the time of the stop. This applies to all citations. If you fail to show proof of insurance, the State of Ohio will suspend your Operator's License.

Where do I pay a ticket?

The court accepts personal checks, money orders, cash, bank checks, Visa & Mastercard. All credit or debit transactions will require a fee. Cash may only be paid in person at the court.

Make all checks payable to Franklin Municipal Court:
Franklin Municipal Court
1 Benjanmin Franklin Way
Franklin, Ohio 45005


How long does jury duty last?

Jury duty at the Franklin Municipal Court is held on Thursdays, starting at 8:30 AM. However, if you are seated on a jury, your service may be continued to the following week to complete a trial. Jurors are required to serve for the duration of a trial.

What types of cases are heard by jurors?

Jurors in Franklin Municipal Court most commonly hear criminal misdemeanor cases such as driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, shoplifting, assault, domestic violence, or theft. Jurors occasionally hear civil cases involving charges such as violation of building regulations or business license regulations and civil money damage cases up to $15,000.

Are jurors paid for jury service?

Jurors are paid $25 once you are selected, and $12 if you appear and are excused. Checks are usually mailed 30 days after the completion of jury service.

Must my employer pay me while I am on jury duty?

Your employer is not required to pay you while you are on jury duty, however, employers are prohibited by law from firing an employee for serving as a juror.